mein fuhrer…. I can walk!!

kissingerSome would have us believe Henry Kissinger was a great statesman. Others consider him a deranged war criminal. Contrary to some beliefs, Dr. Strangelove was not based on this warmonger, but it may certainly have been a premonition or influence (perhaps he saw the film himself) for his own rise to power and world view. Substantial controversy erupted when he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973.



Thank You for your service

I was living in St. Louis County,  Missouri when I received my draft notice back in late 1966. In order to avoid going to Vietnam, I joined the Navy, having been assured by the recruiter that there were no Navy personnel in Vietnam. As this was exactly what I wanted to hear, presented by a well trained liar in a uniform, and encouraged by my WW2 Navy veteran father, I signed up.


Darn those immigrants

I’ve participated in a “spiritually oriented” blog for years, containing a wide range of beliefs and perspectives. The following was in response to a poster’s comments that are summed up in the opening question.

She asked, “Do you think it’s fair that our American children have to lose more and more programs, like sports, band, and other community services to free up money for the ever-increasing cost of the services immigrants require?”


When seeing is not Believing

The strongest love I’ve ever felt for an inanimate object was without a doubt my 1968 Volkswagen. The car itself was durable, efficient and fun to drive. But it was the volkswagenexperiences we shared that fuelled my love and affection. We’d made several straight through drives from Missouri to New Jersey in ’68, a 36 hour marathon drive to Woodstock  and back again in ’69 and across the border to a new life in Canada in 1970. (more…)

Trust me, I wear a uniform PT2

minesweeperA couple of weeks had passed since my basic training when I began my trip to Japan. I hadn’t received anything specifically naming the cozy minesweeper I’d be cruising around in yet, but I did have travel documents to Japan, so this was really going to happen!

I don’t recall the precise route, but when the last flight touched down I was at a sprawling air base somewhere in Japan… not on the ocean though. No ships in sight and an odd mix of military personnel …. Navy, Marines, Army, Air Force…. Hmmm. I was assigned a bunk in a dormitory style building and told to regularly check a large board for my name. In between checks, there was decent food and cheap beer to be infused. I didn’t socialize much and checked the postings frequently. I was anxious to get off the base and assumed I’d be heading to Sasebo, a large naval facility apparently nearby. It was only a few days before my name appeared with my flight number and take-off time the next day. (more…)

The True Cost of War

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. There are a millions of arm chair warriors who whole heartedly support the current wars in the Middle East. Many of them openly call for the slaughter of Muslims, no matter where they live, without any true understanding of the realities of the “War on Terror”. I encourage them to spend some time viewing the graphic photos included here, along with the text. Here is the source of the information and photos. I can think of no better way to absorb the reality of war, with the exception of actively participating, than this site provides. Please provide a link to everyone you know who supports this mindless slaughter. (more…)