The Highway to Happiness

comfort zoneWe humans seek comfort, love and happiness by nature.  In order to maximize the positives, we avoid the negatives.  Pretty simple, but there are ramifications.  The mainstream media is controlled by a handful of corporations.  Their main purpose is to make money through advertising.  The advertisers want viewers/readers to be in a receptive mood and do their best to encourage and fulfill viewer’s desires.  If the message is accepted, we’re encouraged to believe that we need the advertisers products/services to feel happy, comfortable and loved. (more…)


Living on the Edge

edge garciaJerry Garcia’s line, “what a long, strange trip it’s been” in the classic “Truckin’” applies to my life as well. I’ve been living on the edge for most of my life, and continue to do so, at the finish line here on a beautiful island off the west coast of British Columbia (nope, not in Central America, but in Canada).


Relax, Man. Take a chill pill

I have no regrets about my use of drugs. I’ve been using prescription drugs to control my blood pressure for years and they work well. In my younger years, I also experimenteddrugs smoking joing with psychedelics and still smoke marijuana occasionally. Both helped in clarifying my world view and perceptions of “reality”. Both were also  my choice. Neither were addictive nor had any awful side effects.


“Let go or be dragged” – Zen proverb

When I arrived in Vancouver, B.C. in the early 70’s I felt as though I were a “stranger in a zen masterstrange land”. Having been raised in WASP enclaves, I hadn’t been exposed to other cultures or races. All throughout my public schooling (in New Jersey and Missouri) there were no “children of colour” in any of my classes. Not one. This made my arrival in Vancouver a cultural circus of colours, smells and sounds.


Onward Christian Soldiers

christian soldiers 2I’ve recently decided to quit participating on what’s supposed to be a “spiritually oriented forum” that’s frequented by fundamentalist/evangelical Christians. As an atheist, I find their comments range from amusing to despicable, the later simply confirming my lack of belief in their chosen god and religion.

There are, however, some enlightened truth seekers posting there (and elsewhere). For anyone choosing to enter into the fray with religious fundamentalists of any stripe, here are links to information that may be helpful. These sites would also be useful to Christians who feel compelled to spread the Word. Be advised that there are many “non-believers” who know more about your religion and the Bible than you may think you know.


when belief becomes delusion

Some startling events have transpired during my lifetime that had a profound effect on my beliefs (principally my lack of beliefs). I’ve always preferred the truth to beliefs and realized early in life that beliefs, particularly those that are commonly accepted, are often not the truth. In many cases they’re the product of childhood programming by the public school system combined with adopted familial, societal and cultural beliefs.


Darn those immigrants

I’ve participated in a “spiritually oriented” blog for years, containing a wide range of beliefs and perspectives. The following was in response to a poster’s comments that are summed up in the opening question.

She asked, “Do you think it’s fair that our American children have to lose more and more programs, like sports, band, and other community services to free up money for the ever-increasing cost of the services immigrants require?”


Dialog with a born again Christian

For over a year I’d been involved in an on-going discussion about Christianity with a born again Christian believer and relative, which I’d found both interesting and disturbing. Realizing there are hundreds of millions of fundamentalist believers in supernatural “gods”, all based on belief without evidence is, to me, very curious. As these beliefs have real life consequences, I find them to be very worthy of exploration. These are excerpts from our discussions. Keep in mind, this is an educated man with a degree who was not raised a Christian, but developed his “born again” beliefs as an adult. In many cases, we’d been adding comments to the original and re-sending our replies back and forth. His words are in black and mine in red.   (more…)