Living on the Edge

edge garciaJerry Garcia’s line, “what a long, strange trip it’s been” in the classic “Truckin’” applies to my life as well. I’ve been living on the edge for most of my life, and continue to do so, at the finish line here on a beautiful island off the west coast of British Columbia (nope, not in Central America, but in Canada).



Do You Feel Fine?

We humans, no matter our home, race, culture or religion have all gone well beyond the millions of other species with our reality… our human experience, thanks to our magnificent oversized brains.

The functions necessary to maintain life are all done autonomously …. breathing, heartbeat, digestion, eye blinking et al. Because we humans have the largest brains by weight of any animals, we’re left with a huge proportion of brain used by our Minds to create meaning and purpose far beyond the basics of survival and reproduction that all other animals embrace.


Christian Love for the Founding Fathers

founding fathers

Many Christians continue to insist that the USA is a “Christian nation” and was established as one by the “founding fathers” (although most would have a problem naming even 5 of them without a quick internet search). While it’s true that the U.S. has the largest Christian population of any country, there are many misconceptions about the Dads of Democracy, including the fact the U.S. was founded as a Republic, not a Democracy. There are some foundational differences. 

Here’s a link to an excellent site that provides quotes from some of the Dads that may be surprising to those waving a flag with one hand and their Bible in the other.


When is Enough Enough?

My core settings are not entirely human. My genetics are different than 99% of my fellow humans. I’ve lived most of my life, from early childhood, disengaged from the three-dimensional Human Experience. Not connected to life by strong beliefs, desires, and attachments. Watching my Mind create my life as a Producer might, with minimal direction. I’ve kept a loose grip on my rudder and have passed though with as little wake in my path as possible. I’m certainly not proud of my species. Mankind’s hubris has taken us down some very deep and disturbing rabbit holes.