Relax, Man. Take a chill pill

I have no regrets about my use of drugs. I’ve been using prescription drugs to control my blood pressure for years and they work well. In my younger years, I also experimenteddrugs smoking joing with psychedelics and still smoke marijuana occasionally. Both helped in clarifying my world view and perceptions of “reality”. Both were also  my choice. Neither were addictive nor had any awful side effects.

Long ago I had a friend who had been referred to a psychiatrist due to his “anti-social drugs bowl of pillsbehaviour’. His hair was long, he had little interest in school and didn’t seem “happy”.  The problem was, according to his medical advisors, an imbalance of his body chemistry. The solution was to adjust the imbalance with ever changing drug cocktails. Uppers during the day, downers at night. Even something to “alter his dream patterns” while he slept.

The use of psychiatric drugs in today’s culture is truly alarming.  Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) is a mental health watchdog site that contains statistics and information everyone should read. Even if you, or someone you love, isn’t using psychiatric drugs, you probably know people who are (although it’s not something most people would share).

The start page I’ve linked breaks down the numbers and ages of users. The statistics are only for the U.S., but this may well be a global phenomenon. More importantly it’s a testament to our current societal norms.

drugs spoonful for girlHere are the statistics about children and adolescents

Use the sidebar and read about the possible side effects of the various drugs, many commonly prescribed.

Here’s the link to some of the violence that’s attributed to the use of psychiatric drugs.

This article provides more on the subject of Mass Murders and Psychiatric Drugs.drugs columbine

Why, we may ask, would loving parents allow their children to be medicated with substances that have potentially horrifying consequences? There may be a number of explanations. Blind trust in their professional advisors. Failure to read the likely massive information document stuffed inside each prescription package. Anxiety in their own lives with little appreciation of the same in the lives of their children, and more. But all are coupled with Big Pharma‘s lobbying and marketing efforts.

Adults can make their own decisions. They can read about drugs they’re prescribed drugs zombiebefore taking them or look for non-drug alternatives. Children don’t have this option. Most of us have heard about, or watched movies about a “zombie apocalypse“. Seems pretty far-fetched, doesn’t it? Nothing to be worried about (unless we’ve forgotten to take our medication).

But what if the system that supplies the drugs, that millions of people are taking everyday, failed?

This drugs economic collapse“system” is far more fragile than we might imagine. An economic collapse would limit (or eliminate) access to money to pay for them. A widespread power outage would bring our civilization to it’s knees. Massive civil unrest could also disrupt the necessary delivery of medications.

What would happen to those who rely on a concoction of psychiatric drugs to remain functionally stable if they were suddenly not available, particularly if there was chaos all around them. What would happen to those around them?



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