Joining us onstage tonite…..

I tried for years to program, or at least, have some influence on my dreams. I also tried sleep learning, which involved a small speaker stuffed in my pillow and a tape recorder that would begin playing what I’d recorded after I was experiencing the REM stage of sleep. Both failed to achieve their intended goals.


For years, I wanted to play on stage with the Rolling Stones in my dreams (in reality seemed wildly optimistic). “We’d like to welcome a good friend of ours to the stage tonite”, Mick’s voice boomed over the gigantic sound system. “Would you all welcome rolling stoneshim”. I’d stroll out, guitar hanging down below my waist, high fiving Keith, and giving Ron, Charlie and the nameless bass player a nod. I stuck to the same song, thinking that constantly going through their immense repertoire would make it more difficult to achieve. I chose Start Me Up. It never happened. No Rolling Stones, very seldom music in fact.  Instead, I’ve had a couple of recurring dreams over the decades. I can’t remember 99% of my dreams that vanish like smoke before my eyes are even open, but these I do.

One was searching for my beloved baby blue Volkswagen. This amazing machine (thanks for the input, Adolph!) was my transport for not only mundane, volkswageneveryday travels, but also long haul adventures including Woodstock and immigrating to Canada.

Most of the dream involved searching for it, almost always in unfamiliar surroundings. In the majority of them, I’d wake up before finding it. In the most disturbing, I’d find it up on blocks, stripped of doors, wheels and engine.

In another, I’d be driving, often the same Volkswagen, on a multi-laned highway full of fast moving traffic. Looming in the distance would be a huge, steep bridge rising high bridge into the cloudsinto the clouds. I wouldn’t say I “suffer” from acrophobia, but I’ve always had a healthy respect for heights.

One I actually enjoyed was “space walking” on a street somewhere floating gracefully above the mortals below me with each step.

The other was the ever popular “naked in public” edition. There were no murmurs of admiration from those around me either. It was all turbo embarrassment and humiliation. It’s ugly cousin was going to work while I was asleep. Oh, what a restful night!

Had they been analyzed by a mental health professional,  I assume the diagnosis would have involved anxiety of some sort. I chose not to schedule a session and simply kept hoping to hear the roar of the crowd as Keith and I crushed those opening chords together.

Here are a few articles I stumbled across about dreams. I wish you well should you also be attempting to program your dreams. I just watch the Stones on YouTube. You go, elder rockers!!

97 Interesting Facts About Dreams

23 Most Interesting Facts About Dreams That Will Give You Goosebumps  You can be the judge as to whether these are the “most” interesting and check yourselves for goosebumps.



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