You Believe in What?

Allah, YHWH and God have many commonalities, but Jesus as the resurrected  ” Son of God” sets the Christian foundation at odds with Muslims and Jews on religious “Truth”. Much conflict, both theological and military, has been over whose God is the One and Only True God. Lost in the myriad of details each “true religion” has developed to define their God/Creator is a commonality that eclipses the details and is seldom discussed.

Nearly all of the deities mankind has concocted to explain the unexplainable have been, and remain, extraterrestrials…… supernatural entities.  This is certainly true for the Big Three… Details aside, God, YHWH and Allah are all supernatural entities. Belief in these, or most other deities, is belief in ET’s and the supernatural. Religious or otherwise,  billions of people probably accept the possibility of “intelligent” life forms somewhere besides Earth… extraterrestrial. I am one of them. And so are most religious “believers”.

It’s our hubris as humans, and the perception of reality we’ve created in this 3D plane of existence (or dimensions, brotherhoods, levels et al) that spawned the urge to understand why we’re so special, so precious, so loved by our Creator ***(some restrictions may apply)***. Over the ages, many holy books have developed to provide “the Truth” to all who seek it (or are simply born into the culture that embraces it).

I looked for images of the Christian God, Allah and YHWH. I was only able to find images of God. The other two seems to be symbols out of respect for God’s “unknowingness”.

Here’s a few depictions of the Christian God.


The upper left God looks fairly benevolent, kind and forgiving. That’s more than I’d say about God 2 just below… could be a Heaven/Hell thing. All of them older men with beards. It is beyond dispute that Man created God in his own image, not vice versa. The “Wise Ones” of the times may have looked a lot like the God painting they’d commissioned.

Jesus, son of God to some, same as God to others, a great prophet or myth to yet others, often appears buff, bearded and…. well, nice. The Jesus he’s nice. On the bottom right, we get a glimpse of Heaven. Yes, Jesus is there. Hey, there’s my old dog, Patches!!!

Jesus is an ET, and now you are too!!

“Welcome! This is not Kansas anymore, and it’s not the Earth anymore. Come, kneel before me and rejoice knowing that TickFace is not my Father. And no, it’s not Darth Vader either”.

What pretty pictures and beliefs. But what if the Creator, as an ET, an alien, looked like this? Mr. Top Right (unable to translate ****** to english) is reminiscent of a death camp survivor, but at least a quasi-human survivor.

TickFace (top left) is another matter. Unfortunately, he it, has a brain substantially larger than ours and lacks the benevolent look of the kindly God (see above). Yeah, yeah, that’s the one. He reminds me of my grandfather, God Bless his Soul. This is the God I want. Not TickFace (search pictures of an engorged tick for reference) or whatever that is below him. We’d all better hope it isn’t God, an angel or jinn. Maybe it’s Satan (whom we’ve turned into the jolly, generous Santa with a clever anagram).

What if the deities that have been spawned over the millennia (or hundreds of thousands of them) are all based on stories about the visitations of aliens from another solar system, galaxy or dimension? Then humanized, sanitized, exorcised, plagiarized and presented as the God that loves us.

There are thousands to choose from (pictures not available for some). Most of these aren’t worshipped today, but some remain.

Based entirely on belief and ancient writings, with no evidence necessary, which God would you choose?


The story of the Annunaki is well known. The “Adam’s rib” and our fascination with gold facets are curious connections between current belief systems and extraterrestrial contact, annunaki-1often with humans we may consider uneducated and superstitious. Most of them probably kept their mouths shut, just as many of us would were we to encounter any of the ET’s pictured here (other than Jesus or the kindly God).

In this carving, the Annunaki (on the left) are supposed to be giving agriculture to humanity (actually to some human leader, possibly a king or priest). In between them is an accurate depiction of our solar system. It’s hard to tell, but it looks like they may have beaks. Regardless, far less menacing than TickFace. And the gift of agriculture was a benevolent gesture. The dude in the throne would be a sack of skin if TickFace would have been there instead of the bird guys with the pompadours.

Scroll up to TF’s picture and try to imagine what’s inside his mouth. The now “Terrified One” extends his trembling royal hand, expecting to have his Ring of Entitlement kissed, as was required of all of his visitors. A low guttural hissing sound seems to come from everywhere. Sounded like “mmmrrgghh, your precious life force” as “Tom of Firth” (aka TickFace) lurched forward……and then a sharp sucking sound.  Fade to withering King Whatever, spilling from his throne like a slow motion flesh waterfall. Not something our Mind’s want to accept? Nobody knows for sure. Much of it is just myth based beliefs. What do the humans in our culture believe?

Would they openly admit to believing in extraterrestrials? Are they worshiping and praying to an alien entity……. an ET? Do they revere and misinterpret ancient “holy books” full of extraneous detail and lose sight of the alien ET connection?

Here’s another annunaki-2carving. Looks pretty human, no? Kind of a viking look, but with wings and  braided hair and beard, with beads. Maybe this turned into “angels” and  “gods” as the stories were told and retold, generation after generation. And bearded, just like most of the God and Jesus replicas!

Can you guess what he’s holding?  It’s not a pine cone. I encourage some research about the Annunaki, without getting sidetracked by semantics and current beliefs, or concerned about how our new beliefs (if it seems to be a plausible story to us) will be received by those who believe otherwise.




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