Onward Christian Soldiers

christian soldiers 2I’ve recently decided to quit participating on what’s supposed to be a “spiritually oriented forum” that’s frequented by fundamentalist/evangelical Christians. As an atheist, I find their comments range from amusing to despicable, the later simply confirming my lack of belief in their chosen god and religion.

There are, however, some enlightened truth seekers posting there (and elsewhere). For anyone choosing to enter into the fray with religious fundamentalists of any stripe, here are links to information that may be helpful. These sites would also be useful to Christians who feel compelled to spread the Word. Be advised that there are many “non-believers” who know more about your religion and the Bible than you may think you know.

For starters, education about atheism is of utmost importance. Atheism is not the denial that a god exists, it’s a lack of belief that a god exists. This is not simple semantics. It’s a common misconception amongst “believers” and makes any meaningful discussion difficult, if not impossible, as their defences are already on high alert.


Bad News About Christianityhappy brain


Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse

Dwindling in Unbelief

Evil Bible

How many has God killed?

God is imaginary

Iron Chariots Wikigod with sniper rifle

New Testament Contradictions

Popular Arguments

Skeptic’s Annotated Bible

Talk Origins

The Church of Truth

The Bible is Fictionjesus-riding-dinosaur

The Thinking Atheist

Atheism Quotes


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