A Most Serious Infection

The human body increases it’s internal temperature to fight off infectious agents. Only a hot feverfew degrees above normal (around 98.6F) is enough to fry most viral and bacterial infections.  This process is known as fever.

Most of us have experienced fever at some point, but may not realize the benefits. Some do their best to eliminate fever, unwittingly neutering one of the body’s best defences. Billions of dollars are spent on medications designed to fight this normal and important process.

Our planet is also a complex living organism. Many people (including some “experts”)hot earth choose to deny global warming in spite of indisputable evidence.  Many of these “experts” are protecting their jobs, pensions, grants, tenure and reputations by avoiding what many define as “conspiracy theories”. The general population avoids or denies this potential bombshell because it’s disturbing to their sense of well being and overall happiness.

Consider that as a living organism, the Earth is developing a fever to rid itself of a dangerous infection that threatens it’s well being……  Homo sapiens. Our species has brought immense destruction to the hot subdivisionplanet and continues to do so at an accelerating rate. Much of the destruction has involved habitat and has resulted in soaring extinction rates.

Homo sapiens is Latin for “wise man”.  However, we would be hard pressed to defend our collective actions if the millions of species that share the planet with us were to launch a class action lawsuit in a Global Court of Life on Earth. What possible defence could we mount? What have we, as a species, done to protect and enhance life on the planet compared to our negative impact?

Thanks in part to our awesome “wisdom”, there are clear indications that the Sixth Mass Extinction is well underway. Our belief that we are the wise ones allows for hope and the future as solutions. But the time for curbing global CO2 emissions as a solution has long since passed and the extinction of species on the planet has increased dramatically. Widespread denial has been the #1 factor in this unchecked increase. Denial in spite of overwhelming evidence that irreversible damage has been done to our biosphere.

The on-going destruction of our habitat (and that of our fellow species) has been increasing for many decades and is now recognized as being exponential. In our linear reality, the concept of exponential change is difficult to grasp.

exponential growth

“That can get us into trouble—coming to grips with pressing environmental problems, for example. The late physicist Albert Bartlett was concerned that people didn’t fully comprehend the consequences of exponential population growth and the inevitability (and speed) of resource depletion. “The greatest shortcoming of the human race,” he said, “is our inability to understand the exponential function”—that is, change that builds on previous changes. Climate change was able to creep up on most of us with cat feet because it snowballs in the same way, well, as snowballs snowball. Each subsequent change builds on the change before. The bigger it gets, the faster it grows.”

ignore reality


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