Month: June 2017

Joining us onstage tonite…..

I tried for years to program, or at least, have some influence on my dreams. I also tried sleep learning, which involved a small speaker stuffed in my pillow and a tape recorder that would begin playing what I’d recorded after I was experiencing the REM stage of sleep. Both failed to achieve their intended goals.




When myths influence world views

I’m not sure how old I was when I went snooping in my parents closet and found my presents from Santa were stored there, a week or so before Christmas. I’d been encouraged to look by a classmate who had made a small step towards truth and enlightenment himself, and was more than happy to share it with his “wittle baby fwends”. peeking at presents


Thank You for your service

I was living in St. Louis County,  Missouri when I received my draft notice back in late 1966. In order to avoid going to Vietnam, I joined the Navy, having been assured by the recruiter that there were no Navy personnel in Vietnam. As this was exactly what I wanted to hear, presented by a well trained liar in a uniform, and encouraged by my WW2 Navy veteran father, I signed up.


I know all about Muslims, I’m Christian!

Bigotry and fundamentalist beliefs can easily bury truth when they’re allowed to roam free in people’s minds. There’s no point in doing any personal research when you already know all the answers.

In our current world, there is far more than heated arguments about who’s god is realambrose bierce and which are false. In his epic satire “The Devil’s Dictionary, Ambrose Bierce included this concise definition of scripture.

Scriptures, n. The sacred books of our holy religion, as distinguished from the false and profane writings on which all other faiths are based.”


You Believe in What?

Allah, YHWH and God have many commonalities, but Jesus as the resurrected  ” Son of God” sets the Christian foundation at odds with Muslims and Jews on religious “Truth”. Much conflict, both theological and military, has been over whose God is the One and Only True God. Lost in the myriad of details each “true religion” has developed to define their God/Creator is a commonality that eclipses the details and is seldom discussed.


Christian Love for the Founding Fathers

founding fathers

Many Christians continue to insist that the USA is a “Christian nation” and was established as one by the “founding fathers” (although most would have a problem naming even 5 of them without a quick internet search). While it’s true that the U.S. has the largest Christian population of any country, there are many misconceptions about the Dads of Democracy, including the fact the U.S. was founded as a Republic, not a Democracy. There are some foundational differences. 

Here’s a link to an excellent site that provides quotes from some of the Dads that may be surprising to those waving a flag with one hand and their Bible in the other.