when belief becomes delusion

Some startling events have transpired during my lifetime that had a profound effect on my beliefs (principally my lack of beliefs). I’ve always preferred the truth to beliefs and realized early in life that beliefs, particularly those that are commonly accepted, are often not the truth. In many cases they’re the product of childhood programming by the public school system combined with adopted familial, societal and cultural beliefs.

The “pursuit of happiness” is often the foundation for beliefs and world view. Our minds gravitate towards that which is pleasing and rejects information that causes mental conflict andhappy brain discomfort. With a “positive mindset” even the most heinous events can be deflected and lost in the faded fragments of our memories. This is particularly true when we’re not alone in our beliefs.

Here are a few of the events that were instrumental in the formation of my beliefs, or lack of them, in chronological order.

The JFK Assassination.…  A mind blower for Americans. One of the most beloved jfk crosshairsPresidents, his murder shocked the nation. With the official story identifying Oswald as the lone gunman, his immediate murder eliminated a trial and the verdict was based entirely on the information provided by the government of the day as presented by the various media outlets to the grieving public. In this interview with Jim Garrison, a New Orleans District Attorney who attempted to proceed with an actual trial, his initial comments echoed what I’ve stated initially. Our minds seek comfort and avoid unpleasant realities. Executive Order 11110 may have been one of several factors that led to his murder.

The Vietnam War resulted in the deaths of over 58,000 young Americans (and a few million Vietnamese, Laotians and Cambodians), including two friends of mine. My tour was 1967-68. This illegal war was justified by an untruth (as have been most wars)vietnam children known as the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. More bombs were dropped on this small, relatively defenceless country than in all of WWII. Chemical weapons (Agent Orange, napalm, white phosphorous) were routinely used, in contravention of international law. I was disgusted by the savagery and racism I witnessed for no reason other than to “stop the spread of Communism” and to generate huge profits for those who financed and armed the combatants. Incredibly, the “most powerful country on earth” lost the war and left in disgrace after 18 years of involvement. The country remains the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam with Hanoi as it’s capital. Thanks to this shameful page in history, any patriotism I may have felt was extinguished. In 1969 I went to Woodstock and in 1970 moved to Canada. Many Americans continue to support their country’s wars, no matter how barbaric, senseless and illegal they may be. When I left there were flags flying, yellow ribbons and “Love it or Leave it” bumperstickers everywhere.

love it or leave it

9/11 was, so far, the mother of all false flags.  The government produced “official” report is one of the more pathetic explanations of the many false flags, but people have 9:11remained apathetic enough to allow those responsible to avoid prosecution (and the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians). This apathy is the premier example of cognitive dissonance… the mind’s propensity to protect our personal happiness by avoiding what it finds disturbing. Millions of innocent people have died in the Global War On Terror. Billions have been made by those promoting and supplying the many wars this false flag has spawned.


Geo-engineering has been going on openly and in plain sight for decades. Although many

people either don’t notice what’s going on over their heads or continue to believe what they’re seeing are normal contrails, there are some accredited experts speaking out. 

Here’s where beliefs generated by our pursuit of happiness can colour world views and result in self delusion.

Some saw a crazed lone gunman assassinate JFK. I saw what was probably a Mafia hit, a massive coverup and, yes, a conspiracy.

Many supported the Vietnam War and were proud of their military. I was ashamed of my country and horrified at the racism and brutality that my countrymen rained down on another relatively small and defenceless country. This barbarity for profit accelerated exponentially after 9/11 and the start of the GWOT.

Millions believe their chosen god/religion is true and the others false. They believe they are favoured by their chosen “Creator” and will be rewarded with some form of glorious eternal life at their deaths. Many are able to justify the deaths of “non-believers”. Igod-2 see no reason to believe this (other than the feel good vibe and the camaraderie of fellow believers). When our brain function ceases, we (our Minds) no longer exist.

There may well be a connection between believers who accept the “official explanations” of transparent false flag events, state propaganda and the belief in supernatural entities in the form of any of the plethora of gods humans have created. What a curious species we’ve become.





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