Shooting the Messenger

Truth seekers, and particularly truth tellers, have been mocked, despised, persecuted and shunned decade after decade, century after century, when their “truth” clashes with the common beliefs of society. Dr. Guy McPherson and Michael Ruppert are two such truth tellers.

messenger scapegoat

“In a time of deceit, telling the truth is

a revolutionary act”

George Orwell

Prof. Dr. Guy McPherson has overcome many challenges as a self described “Radical” and continues to present information to those willing to listen through public appearances and the website, Nature Bats Last.

Michael Ruppert ended his own extraordinary life in 2014 after decades of rejection, intimidation, and widespread disregard.

McPherson proudly accepts the label “Radical”. For much of his life, the term applies to his worldview , as it does with mine and many others. The beliefs, filters, indoctrinations and experiences we’ve incorporated as individuals make our individual versions of reality as different as snowflakes (no inference intended that we’re “special”… far from it.

“The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable”.     James A. Garfield

One of the most powerful forces our minds succumb to, with pleasure, is the Pursuit of Happiness. The reason people like Ruppert, McPherson and millions of others have failed to convey their disturbing reality to a wide and receptive audience is …..  is because it is disturbing…  the Anti-Happy…..  a Downer..  even a Bummer depending on your age. Minds pursuing “Happiness” shelter and protect themselves from any invaders from “the Dark Side”. In many cases, knowledge from the Dark Side is from an alternate Reality, AKA The Truth.

“What people believe prevails over the truth”          SOPHOCLESSophocles

If one’s goal is the Pursuit of Truth, the perception each would call Reality would be different, perhaps radically so, than those who choose the Pursuit of Happiness. The former are normally found on the fringe of society, living principally in their own unique worldview. The latter group is far larger and share common beliefs that form their world view. ISMs….. Nationalism (and it’s ugly cousin Patriotism) and any of the mental religious trappings (Catholicism, Protestantism et al) our Minds use to give them that personal touch of uniqueness, but also community… tribalism. Living on the fringe offers the exhilaration of thoughts and beliefs (aka Reality) that are not prevalent in societies, cultures, and civilizations we might otherwise embrace.

“If you shut up truth and bury it under the ground, it will but grow, and gather to zolaitself such explosive power that the day it bursts through it will blow up everything in its way”.  EMILE ZOLA

I’d far prefer to watch a video (is that descriptor outdated now?) presentation than read a book, particularly if the topic is at all provocative or controversial. Show me evidence. Graphs, photos, recordings…. and make it interesting… and understandable.

I encourage you to watch these two radicals with your mind open to realities that may not be part of your world view. Welcome new truths and perceptions. Open the protective gates your mind has built….. year by year, belief by belief…. breathe, smile and watch our planet, our reality, our individual lives, unfold/unravel and change exponentially.


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