Do You Feel Fine?

We humans, no matter our home, race, culture or religion have all gone well beyond the millions of other species with our reality… our human experience, thanks to our magnificent oversized brains.

The functions necessary to maintain life are all done autonomously …. breathing, heartbeat, digestion, eye blinking et al. Because we humans have the largest brains by weight of any animals, we’re left with a huge proportion of brain used by our Minds to create meaning and purpose far beyond the basics of survival and reproduction that all other animals embrace.

Amongst the variety of goals and aspirations our Minds create is the pursuit of happiness. The process is simple. Filter out and avoid anything that disturbs or contradicts our version of happiness…. our own personal version of reality. The illusion of Time makes this much easier. Our Minds are able to create an imagined future that’s in sync with our version of happiness/purpose/reality. A future that holds our bright, shiny version, but also the place where “bad things” can be fixed….. the Future. The Grand Illusion.

Two of the “baddest” things happening are the on-going ELE of Fukushima and climate change/geo-engineering.   March 11, 2017 will mark the sixth year of the on-going global

dispersion of a plethora of lethal radiation from Fukushima (and elsewhere) We can’t see, smell or taste it, but, depending on your location, has been with us at alarming levels since mere days after the triple meltdowns. Here’s another recent report that should be widely distributed.

Geo-engineering has been going on in plain view since the late 1940’s. Unlike radiation, we can clearly see the use of aerial dispersants from most locations on our planet.chemtrails

We may not see the lines everyday, but we should notice the milky haze that’s been created and maintained year after year. The bright blue skies of the past are long gone. It seems the same can be said for our collective realities. There are so many issues dancing in our heads, it’s become difficult to sort them on order of magnitude.

LGBT rights, Trump (the REM parody is funny, but the mess we’re in has nothing to do with Trump), Deep State, Pizzagate, WWIII, the economy, refugee migration, terrorism, Oscar mistakes, fake news … on and on.. Just like the skies, rational thought has become a hazy blur of accelerating change and powerful illusions. Much of it purposely distracting our Minds from the ominous events that continue to unfold.

How could this be going on without enough of us noticing? Why aren’t those directly involved sounding the alarm for the unaware? Why is this being done? Who’s doing it?

Below are presentations done by Dane Wigington of Geoengineering Watch and Ken Shipp, an ex-CIA operative, that addresses all of the above questions. It’s been our choice to believe that sights like the above photo are normal… just contrails. They’ve been in our skies for our entire lives and we’ve accepted them as normal. That’s still our choice, but the results are becoming much more difficult to avoid as climate change/chaos becomes a reality. Yes, there are many factors involved, but most fall into the category of climate engineering (human interference rather than naturally occurring), whether it was intentional or not. This includes the use of fossil fuels, nuclear weapons and energy, the plundering of the earth’s resources and more.

One of the questions that creates the widespread denial regarding geo-engineering is “if this is true, why aren’t the people involved speaking out?” Some are, including the two below. But the majority are quiet for any number of reasons….. They may have signed security contracts that effectively eliminated their right to free speech. They’re afraid of losing their jobs, pensions, grants, etc. They’re afraid of ridicule from their peers and the public in general and more. It basically comes down to a lack of courage and morality. The collusion of silence is covered by both Wigington and Shipp.

I encourage you to watch and absorb the information presented. Don’t just take Wigington’s word for it. Do your own research. Our lives, the lives of our children and grandchildren, and, in fact, all life on earth is in peril. This is no time to shield our minds from reality to support happiness through  illusion.


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