Month: April 2016

Trust me, I wear a uniform PT.1

I was well aware of the VietNam War in 1966 when I started my first year at an obscure Missouri state college. I had no particular interest in continuing my education, but it was the accepted next step after high school graduation. My lack of interest was evidenced by my dismal high school grades, but the enrolment requirements were obviously minimal at Northeast Missouri State Teacher’s College providing you were a resident of the state. (more…)


Trust me, I wear a uniform PT2

minesweeperA couple of weeks had passed since my basic training when I began my trip to Japan. I hadn’t received anything specifically naming the cozy minesweeper I’d be cruising around in yet, but I did have travel documents to Japan, so this was really going to happen!

I don’t recall the precise route, but when the last flight touched down I was at a sprawling air base somewhere in Japan… not on the ocean though. No ships in sight and an odd mix of military personnel …. Navy, Marines, Army, Air Force…. Hmmm. I was assigned a bunk in a dormitory style building and told to regularly check a large board for my name. In between checks, there was decent food and cheap beer to be infused. I didn’t socialize much and checked the postings frequently. I was anxious to get off the base and assumed I’d be heading to Sasebo, a large naval facility apparently nearby. It was only a few days before my name appeared with my flight number and take-off time the next day. (more…)

lefty, o neg, ptsd cocktail anyone?

I’ve just turned 69, a milestone I never thought I’d achieve. For the past couple of years, I haven’t worked and have introspectively explored all of the above and more. Who we are and what we become is a blend of genetics and experience. I had no control over the genetics and they may very well have shaped my experiences. Researching and writing this has been a cathartic experience. I encourage all O-Neg Lefties to do further research to help understand themselves. (more…)