Month: April 2014

The Age of Entitlement – Water

Our western civilization has seen some astounding changes, particularly over the past century.  Things like clean water, a steady supply of electricity, a warm and dry home and plenty of food are now expected rather than appreciated.  Most of us feel entitled to these basics while billions of people suffer and die without them.  Take water for example. (more…)


The power of belief

The power of belief has been embraced by millions of people, some of whom may have seen whatever it was they believed coming to fruition.  Here’s a great example of how belief without question can be destructive.  This was sent to me by a woman I know well, along with 20+ people on her “forward” list.  I thought of her as kind, caring and intelligent.  She professes to be a practicing Christian, a Catholic.  This is a direct result of the Islamaphobia that was generated by 9/11 and the “War on Terror”.  It’s a chilling demonstration of how easy it is to have millions of people believe something that’s not true.  It is followed by my reply to her, and then, after no response, to her mailing list. (more…)

What is Truth and why should we care?

Much of what seems real only exists because enough people believe it. Our culture is based on a number of core beliefs. I am a hard core skeptic and a seeker of the truth. I continue to avoid joining groups as it inevitably means accepting their beliefs, which is what they hold in common and make them a group. I choose knowing over believing and am not afraid to say “I don’t know”. (more…)

What we Believe is our Reality

Belief is a feeling of being sure that someone or something exists or that something is true. Many of our beliefs were taught to us in school and through family and friends and influences like television. Most were simply accepted without question and continue to shape our individual realities.belief

We exist in a three dimensional reality in which all matter appears to be confined in width, depth and height. Many great minds (including the late Carl Sagan) believe(d) there is a forth dimension and probably an endless number of dimensions. We are unable to picture them because we are trapped in a 3-D reality and even the forth dimension remains an abstract concept. (more…)